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Physics Therapies in Harley Street, London

Was created by Peter McGregor MA., MSMA,  a qualified psychotherapist, sports remedial therapist, reflexologist, and healer.

Peter is passionately committed to providing a broad spectrum of healing modalities for mind, body and spirit.  He specialises in mind-body therapies, advanced bodywork, sports remedial therapy and spiritual energy healing.  As much as Peter believes in evidence-based practice, he tries to balance this with the art of healing anchored in empathy and compassion.

In these turbulent times, it is Peter’s hope that Physis Therapies may help as many people as possible. Whether you strive to heal the body, mind or spirit from a known cause or you simply wish for space to rejuvenate and balance or you are drawn out of curiosity. This is all fine.


Peter cites compassion as his mentor. He believes that compassionate care coupled with insight wrought from experience and thorough clinical training is a powerful place to start any healing work, be it spiritual, emotional or physical.

Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Care

Peter integrates many years training and experience to provide spiritual, emotional and physical care to his clientele within an evidence based scientific frame. He has specialised training in sports and orthopaedic injuries, coupled with the deep insight of a psychotherapist and healer.

He believes that a broad, yet, evidence based approach provides clients with more opportunity for healing than a single perspective. Since many issues arise from more than one cause.

Physis Therapies Specialisms


  • Coping with stress
  • Core bodywork
  • Exercise prescription
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Jaw and neck conditions (bruxism)
  • Performers Intensive Rehab or Support
  • Postural assessment
  • Postural imbalances: Scoliosis
  • Pre and post event treatment
  • Remedial exercise
  • Structural bodywork


  • Integrative Arts
  • Psychotherapy
  • Trauma work
  • Surviving illness
  • Coping with stress
  • Pathways to overcoming depression and anxiety


  • Psycho-spiritual energy healing
  • Channeling
  • Spiritual counselling

Making An Appointment

When making an appointment with Physis Therapies in Harley Street London, you can discuss your requirements with Peter to decide which kind of treatment is best for your needs or if you already know what you want, you can simply go ahead and book an appointment on the website.

Please contact Peter for further information or to make a booking on any of the following:

Peter McGregor MA., MSMA – Psychotherapist | Sports remedial therapist | Reflexologist | Core bodyworker | Healer


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