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Peter provides therapies individually or combined with other therapies.  For example, bodywork and reflexology can be effectively combined for stress and improving energy.  Clinical bodywork and kinesiology taping and acupuncture combine well for injury treatment. Spiritual healing works very well with bodywork.

Combined therapy sessions are typically 60 mins, 90 mins or 120 mins.

Some therapies are series based rather than individual sessions.  Core bodywork is a structural bodywork series and is not suitable to combine with other therapies.

Please see Physis Therapies  combined therapy pricing guide below:

Combination Therapy Fees

Therapy Type Prices
Acupuncture / Massage £85 – 60mins / £110 – 90mins / £150 – 120mins
Reflexology / Massage £80 – 60mins / £115 – 90mins
Massage / Facial / Acupuncture £125 – 90mins / £155 -120mins
Facial / Neck / Jaw £85 – 60mins / £120 – 90mins
Bodywork / Energy / Healing £85 – 60mins / £125 – 90mins
Bodywork / Taping / Acupuncture £85 – 60mins / £125 – 90mins

Courses of Treatment

Courses are available for combined and single therapies over 6 weeks and up to 10 weeks. If you have an injury or have need of regular treatments a course will benefit you with a favourable discount on prices for individual sessions. Courses are recommended for injuries that need long term treatment, as part of a fitness, sport or health regime, or in recovery from surgery such as the need for manual lymphatic drainage.

Furthermore, you may want to explore emotional or psychological issues arising over an extended time as part of therapeutic work. Please use the online contact form or email Peter at for further details of courses and their appropriateness for your individual needs or concerns. All courses are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

Cancellation Policy

Physis therapies operate a strict 24 hour cancellation fee. If a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the appointment time or you do not attend, the full fee will be charged and no refunds issued.

Please telephone direct, use the online contact form or email Peter at to request a cancellation.

Arrival Instructions

On arrival at Number 2 Harley Street, please press the buzzer for Harley Street Therapy Centre. Please aim to arrive at least 10 mins early in order to fill out a consultation form. Please make sure you bring any relevant medical information, such as X-ray reports or MRI reports and details of any medication you are taking.

Special Concessions

Limited Concessions are available in cases of genuine need, this includes those on state benefits.

Discounts available to members of the Services, (fire, police, paramedics, nurses, junior doctors, serving and ex military personnel).

Proof of entitlement required.

Please contact Peter directly to check availability of concessions at

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