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Physics Therapies in Harley Street, London

Physis Therapies in Harley Street, London is a centre of excellence for a range of therapies, created by Peter McGregor, MA, MSMA. A qualified psychotherapist, sports remedial therapist, reflexologist and healer, Peter provides a diverse range of therapies and massage to clients from all backgrounds.

The sports massage therapies offered by Physis Therapies incorporate healing techniques which are teamed with evidence-based practice in a way which focuses on the individual’s requirements, whether they are an athlete, weekend-warrior or an over zealous gardener.

Soft Tissue Skills

Peter’s primary skill set is in advanced soft tissue skills. This is supported by advanced training and experience in biomechanics, exercise prescription and injury rehabilitation, incorporating further therapies such as acupuncture, ultrasound and kinesiology taping when required.

Peter’s experience with soft tissue massage and skills means he is highly trained to offer excellence when working manually with fascia, muscle, skin, scar tissue and deeper musculotendinous tissue. His work and experience also incorporates muscular-skeletal mobilisation of the spine.



Peter’s training and experience as a skilled practitioner means he can retrain and reorganise chronic muscular fascia patterns, in need of realignment.

Advanced soft tissue therapy assesses, treats and manages soft tissue paint, injury and any dysfunction. It could be in a specific area relating to a known injury or it could be more generalised and something you need to discuss with Peter in advance of your appointment, it is always worth discussing your needs if you are unsure.


Acute Injury Treatment

Massage and therapy for acute sports injuries is best sought as soon as possible. Peter specialises in providing therapies which sooth, bring swelling down and balance muscles in the aftermath of acute injury, within 48 to 72 hours after it occurred.

For additional relief in the first 48 hours, Peter is also able to offer acupuncture and kinesiology taping, as long as PRICE protocols for injury are being followed.

What is PRICE?

The PRICE protocol for injury gives a person the best chance of recovery and it stands for:

P = Protection: in the form of casts or braces for the injury body part

R = Rest: in the form of adequate rest being taken so the body and injured body part can recuperate

I = Ice: to reduce pain and inflammation to an injury an ice pack should be applied for 10-15 minutes a day, three times a day, for at least 48 hours

C = Compression: in the form of using a compression bandage to support the affected joint

E = Elevation: ensuring the injury is kept elevated and risen above heart level to allow for drainage, reduce inflammation and boost recovery.

Where all these points are met then it is possible to look at further therapies to support the recovery of an acute injury.

Global Therapy Approach

As a trained soft tissue therapist Peter looks at each individual client from a global perspective.

Your muscular-skeletal anatomy can be assessed and analysed in relation to your sport or chosen physical activities and it allows the right approach to sports massage and therapy to be offered.

This full anatomical and biomechanical assessment is essential for exercise prescription for both injury rehabilitations but also sports-based improvements an individual may be aiming for.

Preventative Sports Massage Therapy

Whilst a lot of clients only look for sports-related therapy after an injury, others recognise the benefits of massage and sports remedial therapies for the improvement of their sport and to prevent injury.

Exercise is often prescribed to prevent an injury reoccurring and massage therapy can also help to boost performance.

Making An Appointment

As a highly trained sports massage therapist, Peter has the skills to focus on your individual needs. An hour with Peter can deliver:


A full muscular-skeletal assessment

Advanced clinical soft tissue work

Rehabilitation advice relating to any injuries


Exercises to carry out at home


When making an appointment with Physis Therapies in Harley Street London, you can discuss your requirements with Peter to decide which kind of treatment is best for your needs or if you already know what you want, you can simply go ahead and book an appointment on the website.

Please contact Peter for further information or to make a booking on any of the following:


Harley Street Therapy Centre

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020 7112 5132