Peter is a true healer. For the past six months I have had regular treatments and I am consistently amazed by the love, dedication and extraordinary talent put into every session. It has been a wonderful gift.  Thank you Peter!!!

Charlie Hunnam - Hollywood Actor

Dearest Peter! Thanks for your golden hands and soul!!! Yours with love Dorothea

Dorothea Roschmann - International Opera Singer

‘He is an excellent and intuitive therapist. Very strong, and able to mould his treatments to the individual. Thoroughly recommended’

Thomas Walker - International Opera Singer

‘Thanks so much for looking after my physical and spiritual well-being.  You are the best and have a special gift.’

Lady Carol Jenkins - Musician Composer

Any time I am in London, I make it a priority to make an appointment with Peter. I have used sports therapists throughout the world and can say with confidence that Peter is the best.
I am a competitive strongman and powerlifter. I played rugby to semi-professional level which has left me with a number of long term injuries. Peter’s work continually gets me back on my feet. His knowledge of human anatomy is first class and is work ethic is second to none. No matter what the injury is, Peter is able to help.
I cannot speak highly enough of Peter. I fully recommend you make an appointment straightaway.
David Graham - Competitive Strong Man / Semi Pro rugby player

‘Highly knowledgable and experienced to provide the right treatment for your individual requirement. Highly recommended.’

Alpa Shah - Financier

Peter’s wonderfully gentle touch and warm manner relaxed me instantly. He was very professional and seemed to know instinctively how to treat me leaving me feeling good about myself despite my difficult illness. Thank you Peter- Keep up the great work you are doing.

Mandeep Barber - Clinical Nurse Specialist Palliative Care (MacMillan)

‘Peter McGregor at Physis Therapies is one of the most incredible Sports Remedial Therapists I have ever been too. I always leave feeling restored, rejuvenated and healed. I cannot recommend him more highly. The service and care is exceptional.’

Danielle Heatherington - Head of People and Culture - Psycle London

‘Peter is a highly skilled therapist who provides treatment that is personally tailored.  He is very knowledgeable and utilises a variety of modes of treatment to match what best suits my needs.  I strongly recommend this service.’

Janet Davies - Pharmacist

‘I met Peter following a work colleague’s recommendation and from the first session he adjusted his treatment to my injuries. I had six sessions of soft tissue massage, accupuncture and taping. After these, I can say that my quality of life improved 100%. Before, I wasn’t able to sleep due to the pain, I was struggling on my daily basis, had to take medication every single day. After I started to see Peter, the pain started to disappear, first temporarily, now it’s very rare when I feel it. It made such a huge difference. I would recommend Peter to anyone that struggles and suffers like I was before.
Ms S. Saraiva - Clinical Nurse Specialist

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